About our School

The EMBA Business School


The EMBA is an Asian-oriented business school where the learning of an Asian language, business and culture courses are part of the daily life of students of the Isuga curriculum.  This course lasts for 4 or 5 years. And, is punctuated by university stays in Japan or internships in business. After this, the student will be awarded the Bachelor “Isuga Europe-Asia International BBA” filed under the name “Chargé d’Affaires d’Europe-Asie” after 4 years. The diploma of MBA Europe-Asia Business filed in French under the name of “Manager du Développement d’Affaires à l’International”, will be delivered after 5 years. 

ISUGA Europe-Asia International BBA

 MBA Europe-Asia International Business

The Bachelor, first degree, in charge of Europe-Asia Affairs, is a diploma recognized by the State (Ministry of Labour) issued at the end of the four years of study. It provides the knowledge and skills needed to specialize in business relations between Europe and the Chinese, Japanese and Korean markets.

The MBA Europe-Asia International Business registered in French under the name of “Manager du Développement d’Affaires à l’International” is a baccalaureate degree of level 7. Also recognized by the State, this degree prepares its students for positions of responsibility in relation to the Asian markets (and in particular the Japanese, Chinese and Korean markets). In addition, students have the opportunity to specialize in 4th and 5th year by choosing an option between “Webmarketing”, “Shopping” or “Luxury Markets”.