Quick Trip to Japan

To start well, some Japanese bases !

You have to know that Japanese has three alphabets; hiragana, katakana and kanji. But, I will tell you right now kanjis won’t be for today ! That said, let’s start slowly with these few words. First of all, to say “hello” you have to say “kon ni chi wa”. To say “excuse me”, you will have to say “su mi ma sen”. Finally, to order an okonomiyaki you will say “okonomiyaki hitotsu kudasai”

Fuji san, the dean of Japan...

The famous Mount Fuji, a mountain of nearly 3776 meters located on the main island of Honshuu southwest of Tokyo. A true symbol of Japan, and an unmissable place to discover a flourishing nature or just to wander in paths all more peaceful and pleasant… In one word, BEAUTIFUL.

What about a little Field Trip ?

You want a nice breath of fresh air? Tochigi Prefecture located in the center of the island of Honshu will conquer you. Which is more, not very well known, green to perfection; this is a beautiful place that will dazzle your eyes! You would like to rest for a bit? No problem! The small town of Nikko will undoubtedly convince you !

And for the most urban ones !

The unmissable Tokyo, literally the “capital of the east”; a city that perfectly mixes tradition and modernity, and where the word impossible does not exist. First, cross an alley and you will find yourself in the middle of the district of Akihabara with its numerous shops and more. Then, take a few more steps and you will find yourself, perhaps, facing a Shinto temple. A city, indeed, but a magical city !

Rather sweet or salty ?

You have endless choices ! Rather traditional? Well, come and eat in Sendai the Wagashi with sweet soy paste. In Yamagata, the region’s plum jelly is in the spotlight. You are in Fukuoka? Then, discover the hyoko Manju which is a small cake in the shape of a chick. Rather fanciful? Come and taste the Castella!